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Achieve Listing Status without High Costs

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

While being a listed company has many benefits, the costs of listing exercise on major stock exchanges such as Hong Kong Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Australian Stock Exchange, etc. could be quite high and the time to prepare for listing could be anywhere from 12 to more than 18 months. There are also many compliance issues, corporate restructuring, accounting/auditing issues the company needs to solve before an investment bank would consider sponsoring the listing.

One way companies could receive the benefits of being a listed company without the high costs and long process involved in major stock exchanges by listing on the Dutch Caribbean Stock Exchange (DCSX). The costs involved in listing on DCSX are less than that for major exchanges and the process is much faster (~6 months).

Great Vision Capital Limited's experts could analyze your company's current situation and recommend the best stock exchange and listing path for the aspiration and development of your company.

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